The presence of the majestic Renaissance château, one of the few in south-west France, has given the commune a rich, strong history that is better known than that of neighbouring communes. Flints and scrapers found on the terraces prove that the site has been occupied since Neolithic times.

The château was built in the 16th century and occupied by the Marquis de Montespan. The château was listed as a historic monument in 1927 and its grounds in 1994. The stone pyramid, built in the 17th century to mark the boundary between Guyenne and Gascony, was listed as a historic monument in 1973. The Church of Sainte-Germaine, rebuilt at the end of the 19th century, opens with a neo-Gothic portal, decorated with nails and wrought iron fittings, and surmounted by a stone carving of a lamb with a nimbed head. It boasts a richly decorated interior, the work of talented local painters, including a fresco depicting the life of St-Germaine de Pibrac.

There is also a wash-house and dovecotes in the commune.

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