With its medieval origins, Poucharramet remains a village of character. The village is crossed by two rivers, the Touch and the Bure. The origin of the name Poucharramet comes from the Latin “podii remigii”, meaning “high place with a rounded, wooded top”.

Appreciated for its undeniable charm, the village is an ideal place to take a leisurely stroll: the square, shaded by chestnut trees, is an immediate attraction for walkers; it is next to the school, the church and the town hall. The street names hint at a rich historical past. Children will be intrigued by the bread oven, the “work” and the “earth and straw” hut; the half-timbered houses, the “maisons de maîtres”, the wash-house, the old village farms (Maison de la Terre, Salle de la Commanderie) and an old barn, now occupied by the Musée du Huchier workshop, displaying a collection of tools from days gone by, are also fine testimonies to the past. The 13th-century church, a listed monument in its own right, is well worth a visit.

The “Sentier des Hospitaliers” (Hospitaller Trail) offers hikers a loop that takes them right up to the gates of Rieumes and takes them past the Bure reservoir. The more recent “Sentier du Touch” heads south along the river to the gates of Bérat.

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