Sometimes expressing yourself through your art can take a little time. We probably need to learn from our experiences so that one day our passion becomes self-evident.

That’s what happened to Claude, a resident of Cazères for 35 years, who officially set up her Terre et Pierre workshop in her home in 2018. Ceramics came into her life recently, by chance. But things have moved quickly, and she is now a recognised expert in her field, even though her first training in clay dates back only to 2012 (turning and modelling on earthenware with Florence Fohrer at the Figuline workshop in Cazères-sur-Garonne).

Although she has been continuing her training since 2015, with Chantal Brillet, it was the purchase of a kiln that same year that enabled her to make a name for herself today with her accomplished and inspired works.

After all, her experience is often the source of her inspiration. Accompanied by her husband, Claude spent over ten years in Iraq and Egypt, and this is evident in her work. The Middle East is reflected in her work. Passionate about cuneiform writing, she often decorates her pieces with unique messages. Another special feature of the studio’s ceramics is the use of cylinder seals. These small cylindrical pieces, used in ancient times, bear a unique motif that corresponds to its owner, making it possible to reproduce a frieze that can be extended ad infinitum. Claude has been able to obtain some magnificent, original and fascinating pieces to use in her modelling, a piece of history that has endured through time thanks to her.

Whether it’s vases, boxes or pencil boxes, each creation is unique, with its texture and reflections adorned with a stone found at the source of Claude’s inspiration. The quality of the enamel is an important factor in his work, and is often subjected to numerous tests in order to obtain exceptional shades.

Today, Claude works to order and exhibits just about everywhere. She has been lucky enough to exhibit in Toulouse, Martres-Tolosane and the Val d’Oise… Above all, she is a member of the Al Caz’Arts collective of artists, painters, actors, sculptors, dancers, potters, musicians, photographers and clowns. Throughout the year, they organise demonstrations and exhibitions to give artists the chance to showcase their work and creations.
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